Thursday, 12 October 2017


Sekiranya terlibat dalam kemalangan / breakdown , Moto Aid Malaysia berkemungkinan boleh menawarkan perkhidmatan Towing Percuma .

Untuk sebarang pertanyaan hubungi kami di : 016-3778183 / 011-26407873 / 017-4387101

Great News !!
FREE MOTORCYCLE TOWING (Breakdowns + Accidents ) within Klang Valley. 
Inquiries : 016-3778183 / 011-26407873 / 017-4387101
(outstation: case to case basis/ battery + tire puncture cases excluded)

FREE TOWING untuk motosikal Breakdown...(sekitar lembah Kelang )
Ducati + Aprilia + Vespa + Moto Guzzi + Piaggio + Zero Engineering  

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

FREE BIKE TOWING (Emergencies)

Free Towing services during Emergencies:
+all bikes

Your next question would be:Any hidden charges? Is this for real?

Hereby is our explanation:
During emergencies ie: Breakdowns / Bike mishaps that requires insurance claims, Moto Aid Malaysia maybe able to offer you Free Towing services for your motorcycles.

Towing charges, more than often are only a small fraction of the cost of repairs and claims. At times, during such emergencies, owners and pillions need medical attention , an ambulance service etc. They may be needed to be rushed to hospitals and can be absent at the time of arrival of our towing teams. At times too, the owner, their friends and fellow riders may not have sufficient cash for payment of our towing charges. Be reminded Moto Aid have been advised by highway and higher authorities to rush during carrying out of our tasks as to not cause any inconvenience to others ie: causing a traffic jams or endangering the public in any way.

To offer better services to fellow bikers, Moto Aid Malaysia together with participating Panel workshops have formulated a way to offer you this Free Towing services. 

One may ask how.. During emergencies and if in agreement of all parties concerned, Moto Aid will not collect any payment for our services from the owners of the motorcycles involved. Kindly do not be mistaken we are a business enterprise and must be fueled monetarily to survive. Yes our charges will be paid , taken out from the pockets of our panels workshops when the claims are made from their margins. Using this formula, Moto Aid Malaysia would be able to serve Bikers better, faster and more efficiently. 

Our panel workshops are based all throughout the country and each and everyone of them are specialists in respective bike makes. Moto Aid Malaysia works only with the very best.

This practice has been put into practice and overall, well received by all. This Free Towing services are offered currently within the Klang Valley and parts of Selangor. 

For outstation services, it will be handled on a case to case basis. Kindly call us at our call lines .

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Breakdown Motosikal Tengah Jalan


Ketika brekdown motosikal dialami, janganlah risau. Hubungi Moto Aid Malaysia di talian:

016-3778183 / 011-26407873 / 017-4387101  ( 24jam)

Sila ambil perhatian:Terima kasih semua kerana kunjungan ke laman kami di sini telah meningkat. Kami menerima ramai email daripada anda di laman ini setiap hari. Maaf sekiranya tidak sempat membalas pertanyaan tuan/puan serta merta. Sekiranya tidak keberatan, bolehlah anda utarakan soalan / ucapan anda di laman Faceebook kami untuk dapatkan feedback yang lebih cepat ..

ataupun ..

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Big Bike Towing


Mishaps , at times cannot be avoided. It may occur when you least expect it . It can happen to the best of riders... 

During #BikeAccidents, these should be the steps taken:

1. Distant yourself and your pillion away from the bike and traffic. Best to be behind some barriers.
( Machines can be repaired and replaced. Life cannot ! !)

2. Calm yourself down. Plan and think. Affairs should be attended to according to priorities. Attend to the victims first.

3. When possible, make sure that you and your vehicle does not put others in danger. Make sure that you and the vehicles can be clearly seen and avoided by traffic.

4. Call Moto Aid Malaysia for advice and immediate assistance.
(Moto Aid Malaysia can also act as an intermediate between you and the parties offering ambulance services)

5.There is no need for an argument. Police and insurance companies will handle the necessary after a police report is done.
Moto Aid Malaysia, will rush a rescue unit to you asap. Share your location with our drivers using Whasapp / Google  Maps and the such.
At times, during an accident , Moto Aid Malaysia would be able to offer you FREE towing services to our Panel workshops according to the make and model of motorcycle. These workshops would be able to handle all your accident and insurance claims. When possible we would get a representative of the workshop to discuss all their Terms and conditions prior to transport. Kindly be informed Moto Aid offers towing services only. All transactions between you and the workshops recommended must be on a; willing taker and willing offer-er basis.
Our drivers would issue you a copy the acceptance forms when the bikes is received by our staff, at location. A picture will be sent to you too when the bike is being delivered to the workshops or final destinations.
In cases when you cannot be present during pickup, Kindly designate a representative. If no one can be on site, park the bike at a safe location. Tell authorities on site like the shop owner, house owner, petrol kiosk operators, toll booth offices and such only to release the bike to our disclosed drivers.
Yes there are charges for our services unless you are our privileged card member holder. There are different types of memberships with different offerings. Kindly look us up on : Charges would be discussed prior to rescue.
Yes we serve all bikers. Singaporean bikers are most welcomed too. Unfortunately we reserve the rights not to serve. For example, we will not entertain repossessing cases as the result of overdue payments to certain parties and in cases where our drivers would be in danger.
Yes, we offer other services too like, Puspakom and police inspection. Track Day Bike Support can be prearranged.
Tq for supporting Moto Aid Malaysia.

If you need to use our (Peninsular Malaysia- Wide) 24 hour services ,

Call: 016-3778183 / 011-26407873

Please note that due to the rapid growth of this blog, we receive many emails daily from this contact form (I’m not kidding!), so please forgive me if we are unable to respond to your inquiry right away. If you’d just like to say hi, thanks, or have a quick question you don’t mind other people seeing, I would appreciate a quick message on our Facebook Page instead.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Towing Motosikal

Selamat hari raya diucapkan kepada semua.

Baru baru ini kami beramai ramai pulang ke kampung halaman. Kesesakan lalu lintas memenuhi bukan sekadar di lebuhraya utama tetapi juga di sepanjang perjalanan ke kampung di jalan jalan laluan B serta jalan jalan pendalaman negara. Kesesakan tersebut membuatkan perjalanan , khasnya bagi para penunggang motosikal amat merbahaya sekali. Sekali lagi bagi tahun ini, jumlah kemalangan maut terbesar adalah dari kalangan penunggang motosikal. Moto Aid Malaysia ingin menyeru para penunggang semua agar mengamalkan ' Defensive riding' bukan sekadar kerana kamilah terkecil dibandingkan kepada kenderaan lain tetapi seandainya terlibat dalam kemalangan, para penungganglah yang seringkali paling serius sekali.

Moto Aid Malaysia juga ingin mengingatkan kalian agar berehat selalu. Singgahlah di mana mana R&R. Focus amatlah penting. Kemalangan pula seringkali berlaku ketika kami leka. Kajian dari luar negara mengatakan kemalangan kerapkali berlaku tidak lebih daripada 5 km dari destinasi yang dituju. Namun begitu kami di Moto Aid Malaysia bertugas sepanjang Raya ini. Tq

Diantara kes kes rescue, sepanjang musim raya ini yang sempat Moto Aid bantu. Terimakasih kerana menggunakan perkhidmatan kami.

Sila ambil perhatian:Terima kasih semua kerana kunjungan ke laman kami di sini telah meningkat. Kami menerima ramai email daripada anda di laman ini setiap hari. Maaf sekiranya tidak sempat membalas pertanyaan tuan/puan serta merta. Sekiranya tidak keberatan, bolehlah anda utarakan soalan / ucapan anda di laman Faceebook kami untuk dapatkan feedback yang lebih cepat ..

ataupun ..