Sunday, 1 April 2018

Riding a motorcycle

MOTORCYCLE RIDING ; some safety tips.

Space ! for extra margin of safety
On the weekends, bikers flock to popular riding routes like Karak, Awana, Superbike Alley Kuala Klawang and Simpang Pulai to name a few. Been to Bhp Gombak at 8 am on any given Sunday ? Ever wondered how 2000 bikes or so would fit the roads, at about the same time ? Mind you these are gigantic super powered bikes reaching speeds envied even by some million dollar hyper-cars. Hereby are some notes from the web that might show some light to the importance of having sufficient SPACE.
Remember, a way to increase your own safety is to realize that you are responsible to maintain Space around you. You may use that Space to have room to brake, to swerve, or just as extra time to decide what to do. Remember you rush through approximately 130 meters in 3 seconds, riding at 160kms. Yes, that is the speed we real Bikers cruise at, right ? You go get yourself a Street Triple and do 110 ?

Keeping Space around you is something that is easily forgotten, especially when you are trying to pass PlusLiner or that Balak lorry (that’s some scary Sh#t ! ). But even then, passing is done more easily when you maintain distance between you and that moving House , until the point that you can accelerate to pass. More than often , the eyes of that Lorry balak driver is fixed on your bike , checking out how splendid that Gtr14 looks and Nothing Else! The abundance of horsepower on your RC8 was initially for that purpose... to get you out of trouble using that power. We , have other ideas.
Riding in a motorcycle convoy has its fair share of dangers. Fun filled trips about Ulu Yam may sound exciting but to a novice ; overwhelming ! Over the weekend a bike convoy from PJ had some 500 bikes in it. Even with police St13 outriders and so called marshals ; this would have been a mind-boggling task to control rugged bikers high on adrenaline . I suppose it would be more fun to be alive when you reach the next checkpoint ? Equipped with blue tooth communicators, ‘ Mundian To Back Ke’ from the speakers, Christine’s at the rear yapping away and Ahmad, the Marshal , 3 feet away riding his RM335k Ultra.. Mind you he is looking at his wonderful display console , with exhaust notes similar to a Bon Jovi’s do , guiding traffic . Hell NO ! He’s got other things on his mind. RIDE at your on pace and make Space !

Yes, every local superbiker is like Malaysia’s finest export ... Pescao. Syahrin has Barry Leong as mentor, Rossi as a sparing partner and just some Tech 3 stickers on his bike lepaking around Losail . You have 63 year old Lim on a Gsa (Rhino) , 19 year old Apu on his 2017 Rabbit and G on his Enfield with a Shoei turban, as pals. Dei ! Make Space !

It's YOUR SPACE, and you can use it in an emergency, so look well after it.. We at MOTO AID MALAYSIA (24hour Biker Assist ) wish all of you : #saferiding (hotlines: 016-3778183 / 011-26407873 / 017-4387101) #BikersAreCool