Tuesday, 30 July 2013


MOTOAID MALAYSIA is proud to introduce to you our latest range of official stickers which will be in circulation beginning 1st August 2013. It will be used on all our authorized vehicles, our Privileged Card Members, Our Authorized Panel workshops and retail outlets. Do look our for it.

Firstly, our brand new Blood Group stickers made available to all bikers.
as one may notice the empty column where a biker could fill in his / her blood group.

Secondly, our official vehicle sticker; place on every vehicle which is owned by a Privileged Deluxe, Exec or Vip MOTOAID card member:

The next would be our official AUTHORIZED PANEL outlets, be it on our carriers, our panel workshops or our retail outlets. When one sees this, one can expect excellent quality product and services.

some examples:

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