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Moto Aid Services + MAS is the most comprehensive, most well trained, professional and trusted  motorcycle aid service provider in Malaysia. IT FOCUSES ONLY ON BIKERS ! More than just a corporate company, It is run by bikers for bikers in the country. 

Being a truly 100% MALAYSIAN INITIATIVE it is proud to serve the entire Malaysian biking community. Currently catering to bikers travelling within Peninsular Malaysia , Singapore and Thailand.  it is aggressive in an expansion process of serving the entire nation. 

Based in the heart of the Klang Valley, we strive to respond to your needs efficiently and assure the highest quality service. 

+ MAS was established some years ago, recognizing that more and more bikes are coming on to our roads. 

Being a popular sport in line with Malaysia’s promotion of Motor Sports, we embarked on a noble mission of providing fellow bikers throughout the country; a quality Motorcycle Aid service. 

We started offering our services within Kuala Lumpur and then expanded to bikers from the Klang Valley and the greater Kuala Lumpur region. 

Introducing : Motoaid's Privileged Card: 

Today, our services are available throughout the entire Peninsular Malaysia. Having pushed the odd bike or two ourselves, the founding members of MOTO AID SERVICES, have certainly a pretty good understanding of what's it like when there is no one around to lend a helping hand during accidents or a breakdown.

Our services are available: 24 hours a day, Every day .

On hand in emergencies
In times of emergency when you need someone you can trust who would care for your bike like it was their own, MOTO AID SERVICES is here for you.

Peace of mind
Reassurance is one thing, the other is the feeling of confidence; that your bike will be safely and securely collected, transported and delivered. Understanding that, we at + MAS run a training module like no other. 

Training is the corner stone in achieving supremacy in quality service. Every single one of our 55 strong staff and assistant handlers are equipped with knowledge and the very skill needed to excel in his daily routines. 

Efficiency is everything to us. Being safe and ensuring that our assets are always in good condition before being put into service on the roads. This is to ensure quality service to our clients.

Whatever the situation
MOTO AID SERVICES is able to transport vehicles from the scene of break down, accident or just out of fuel occurrences, to a nominated address, repairer or to our secured storage facility.

Customer Response Centre:
Our fleet of 37 units within the Klang Valley and 2 units placed on alert in each of every state in Peninsular Malaysia, make us the largest, most comprehensive and the only, Motorcycle Aid service provider in the country. Powered from a call centre in Kuala Lumpur, we are dedicated to serve the motorcycle industry with quality services. 

+MAS Is capable of transporting:
BIKES - Motorcycles - Motorbikes - Scooters - Mopeds - Side-cars - Trikes - Dirt Bikes - Quads - Jet Skis - Trailers - ATV's - Ride on Mowers - Small Specialist Equipment - Parts - Sensitive Equipment. 
+ Internal factory transfers 
+ Anywhere within Peninsular Malaysia

Bikes are collected from owners on request and delivered to the dealer's workshops for service, damage repair, and insurance assessment or warranty requirements. 

When the work is completed the bike will be collected and returned to the owners address.

Other dealer services include motorcycle collection and delivery motorcycle events, trade shows, exhibitions, shopping centre promotions and photo shoots.

Professional Motorcycle Towing: All vehicles in need are towed using purpose-built and specially designed +MAS trailers and trucks for bikes, trikes and scooters. Our trailers and trucks can handle up to 5 two wheeled vehicles at one time. 

Emergency towing and scheduled services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For your motorcycle towing needs, we go to where you ride within Peninsular Malaysia. 

Crash Recovery: Due to training and experience that we have, +MAS has developed ways to safely move and tow your motorcycle when it can no longer roll on its own. 

Specially +MAS euipped trucks and trailers within our fleet, makes recovery of vehicle from hard to reach areas, examples: cliffs, ravine or ditches; possible. 

++MAS: collects everything, the bike and all parts from the scene.
+MAS:  collects bikes and biker from Police stations and holding yards.

++MAS : transports bikes and biker from and to a nominated address, repairer or to a storage facility

Our staffs have proven experience and training that has allowed them to gain the approval of the motorcycle community and motorcycle shops. 

Our network of retailer, shops and workshops, work with most insurance companies either through direct dispatch in line with their accident programs. Our panel workshop partners understand the importance of your every need and will make your requests our priority. You can feel confident that we will treat your bike, trike or scooter as we want our own treated. 

These partners of ours are experts in their own field. Being brand conscious , we have selected to work with numerous specialists . 
Amongst others:
Insert below :Kawasaki service centre: (LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL)


(Insert above :Gold wing and can-am specialists: GL CLYCLES (old Klang Road: AH KIAN)


(Insert above:Japanese bike specialists : Sunny Cycles, Kapar Motors, Partner Retailer / service centres)


(Insert above: partner-retailer-service centre, Klang Valley and Selangor)

Continental bike specialists: Fast Bikes (Triumph ) , Motorrad Bmw Cheah, Ducati, Vespa, Big Bikes (Royal Enfield), The Orange Shop (KTM), Mofaz Motor (MV Agusta)

Roadside Assistance: +MAS provides assistance like fuel delivery, battery supply and tyre support. 

Convoy Support: Being riders ourselves and taking into account fellow Bikers’ love for travelling in convoys, +MAS have dedicated specially designed enclosed 3 ton trucks for our clients. 

These enclosed trailers protect your investments from the elements and road debris in a way that conventional towing companies may not be able to do. 

Rally / Track Day / Event Support: Special services are also provided by +MAS . Super Carriers and enclosed truck are ever ready to transport and support your racing machines to any track within Peninsular Malaysia.

Motorcycle Detailing Service: Everyone at +MAS ; being bike riders and owners ourselves fully comprehend that your bike is precious and you want it cared for. 

We have 
established a quality partner in detailing incorporating specialist cleaning services . Based in Batu Tiga, Shah Alam , award winning, Creative Makeover is an expert in artistic solutions for motorcycles . It situated along the federal highway, Creative Makeover and +MAS offers you premier services. 

We strive to keep you pride and joy in tip-top condition! We are able to collect your bike, deliver it to the detailer and then return it to you on completion.

Motorcycle Rescue Bike Storage
+MAS is able to store your bike in our fully secured overnight storage facility . We will also store other things too!

+MAS is able to offer the ultimate bulk booking bike moving service. Assist groups and clubs transport bikes all in one lift or consignment in a fully enclosed, secured truck helping to ensure club or group members bikes and luggage arrive at their destination intact, together and ready for any local or interstate Events -Shows, Meetings or Tours.
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Moto Aid Services (reg no: 002204608-k_
D109, Block D, Kelana Square, Jalan ss 7/26, 47301, Kelana Jaya, Selangor)
T: 03-22890775 F: 03-22890791 


for quotes on future transport / storage, or right now if you are stuck and need help at 016-3778183/011-26408183/ 03-20969101.


  1. MOTO AID SERVICE is very famous for Roadside assistance recovery. They have trained professional skilled employees who take care of every thing.
    car recovery

    Thanks for sharing this with us.......Nice

  2. thanks for your help yesterday during hari raya holidays. I was stranded along the plus highway at km306.7. I called motoaid as i am a member. they attended to me well and i was at home in batu gajah with my family within 1 hour. thanks again

  3. Assalamualaikum.
    kami menyediakan perkhidmatan towing kenderaan (car carrier) 24jam dgn harga yg sgt berpatutan.
    sila hubungi en jamil 019-6311168@012-3587959.terima kasih