Thursday, 2 May 2013

MOTO AID 'S step by step Multi-bike transfer process


More often than not, we at MOTOAID are instructed to carry out Multi-Bike transfers. Being the leading Motorcycle-Assist Service Provider in the country, we thought that this may be helpful in subsiding tensions amongst clients by letting you know that we are experts in our field and there is nothing to worry about. We assure you the best possible care for your machines.

En-route to a destination far away, convoy sometimes require a Multi-Bike transfer.
a convoy of this magnitude might need a MotoAid's support of a Multi - Bike transfer

Brands en-route to a road show, a special event or even a marketing effort in parading makes around streets of a town... might require such services.

These tasks may be dangerous if not planned and handled properly as today, bike are larger, heavier and costlier. Chances of an accident occurring are high and we never want to put the public in and danger. At all costs, proper precaution must be taken.

The first step would be to ensure, training is provided for.

Then comes the issue of having the proper equipment to do the proper job function .
proper belts and hooks

good lightings 

solid winch 

steel beds and cables 

at Moto Aid's training facility

Proper techniques are thought

all possibilities are explored
Firstly study the bike properly. Identify proper points to harness the bike. Extra caution when it's a classic !  ( In this case, it's a special BONNEVILLE  Triumph )
a step by step process in drilled into our handlers

Then comes the issue of knowledge , bike sense and pure dedication.

case study: TRIUMPH, FAST BIKES special event :

One needs to prepare a good and safe landing spot for the flatbed. Make sure selection will not put any bikes, public or staff in danger's way!

test the condition of the flat bed in before during and after  
                                     loading of bikes

Start moving bikes onto the truck , one at a time. Be aware of traffic around you. Use markers to protect yourself, your machine and the public. 

harness the bikes properly . individually

a little protection goes a long way

finish harnessing one, only then would you go on with another.

at all times, remember of the risks involved. At Motoaid we understand how important the bike is to you. As bikers ourselves , we love our machines.

Just making sure, all is secured. Use only the correct amount of tension in the belts. Never push it to it's breaking point. Read the bike's manual and understand the proper stress levels needed in harnessing. 
One can never be too careful. On the go, you need to do constant checks

All the beauties are on parade. Wonderful when all goes on as planned .


For further enquiries; reach us at MOTO AID SERVICES:
 016-3778183/ 011-26407873

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