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We at Moto Aid (MAL) are always in the endeavour of providing the best for our clients. As bikers ourselves, we have been in accidents and emergencies one time or another. A biker is ever vulnerable. A slight knock by an unaware car or truck, will cause immense damages. 

Unlike, bike's spare parts that are abundant today; BLOOD isn't. Humans are unique. Our blood type varies hence an urgent need to know what our Blood groups are. 

As such, Moto Aid has designed a sticker depicting our emergency numbers and a special column announcing your Blood group. 
as seen above, all you have to do is to fill in your blood group with a permanent marker in the column provided

Be part of an evolving Bike Rescue Support group. Get your special edition MotoAid stickers at the regular weekend pit-stop at BHP Petrol Station (Gombak - Karak). Only  Saturdays & Sundays between 0730 - 0900. Free for the first 100 bikes or while stock lasts. Do call us for availability. 
these are laminated stickes 

not too large, but very prominent

in some countries, it is compulsory to have one on your vehicle

you would never have to remember our numbers again in cases of emergencies
These stickers are also made available via mail. Do send us an email at :

or pm us on facebook at :

Why is the sticker significant?

(1) it has our emergency numbers that you can call in times when you have a breakdown. 

(2). it has a column that says BLOOD GROUP which you are to fill in using a permanent marker. 
In times of emergency, sometimes when an ambulance arrives, they will radio in to the nearest clinic or hospital to see if they have your blood group or not. 

We had cases before when they sent the injured to the hospital and found out later that they did not have that type of blood. They had to do a test, find out the injured’s blood type then send him to the hospital that has stock of it. So really, this blood group information is very important. 

(3.) It looks good ! very good !



MOTOAID MALAYSIA :016-3778183/011-26407873/03-20969101

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