Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Clips: MOTOAID'S typical response to an Emergency Call. (case study: Z800 Kawasaki rescue along MRR Highway, Kuala Lumpur)

Motoaid receives a call during the jammed hours of Mid Day traffic . Location: Ampang , Near Zoo Negara, along the Middle Ring Road , Highway. Bike make: Kawasaki Z800 . Case category: Insurance Claims

We quickly dispatched unit no : M033 which was nearest to the accident scene to the rider. Approximately, 23minutes, upon reaching, our handler radioed back that it was a Z800 category 3, accident in need of insurance claims and a police report to be lodged.

In no time, the low bed, super=carrier was deployed,  not before taking some precautions. For example, placement of reflective cones with a minimal 40 metres distance from where work is about to take place. Secondly, making sure that the rider is in stable condition and placed at at a safe , protected , shaded and well ventilated location away from the scene. Noticing that the rider's welfare is taken care of, some communication to verify specifics are done. 

The bed is then lowered and handler begins work;
the vehicle is found to be movable. so the handler moves it unto the bed, puts it in gear and begins strap down

just making sure that bike is well balanced on the bed

the tie down begins

notice, for Kawasaki models, the side stand cannot be over loaded with force.  There is a sensor that is placed next to the side stand that needs tender care when strap down is done

Immediately, when the straps and ties are completed and fully secure, with the driver on board, the journey begins.

At this junction , our command centre is notified . Command centre gives the ok for the bike to be delivered to our partner workshop for proceeds of claims. In this case again, Cretive Makeover along the federal highway, Batu 3 was chosen.


For enquiries: call MOTOAID MALAYSIA  0163778183/ 011-26407873/ 03-20969101 asap and enjoy these benefits .

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