Friday, 17 January 2014


To provide a professional yet comprehensive 24 hour-Motorcycle Assistance to our card members, MOTOAID Malaysia is proud to announce its alliances with BIKEBULANCE Singapore.

We have managed to undertake numerous inter-nation transfers over these years with our counterpart in Singapore (BIKEBULANCE SINGAPORE). Being countries that share a common border, our card members from Singapore often venture unto our beautiful roads. Often too, breakdowns and mishaps do occur. This alliance formed with Bikebulance Singapore has ease many transfers. We share a common database and specialized local knowledge is helpful in times of rescues.
Bikebulance's Fleet of recue units

Bikebulance with Motoaid forming  a strong alliance.

Singaporean Motoaid Card Member assisted cooperatively with Bikebulance Singapore who experienced a mishap in Behrang and towed to Tuas, where Bikebulance Singapre took over. 

Motoaid Card Member from Singapore , motoaided from R&R Ulu Bernam to Singapore

Yamaha FZ1 Motoaided to Singapore (Mishap occurred along the PLUS Highway)

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