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Even if you have a MOTOAID MALAYSIA motorcycle assist program in place, motorcycle failures can still occur. This is not only an inconvenience, but can also be incredibly dangerous; particularly if you are on a busy highway or on urban motorways.
However, you can ensure the safety of yourself and of your pillion by taking note of Motoaid Malaysia’s  breakdown tips:

These are potentially the most dangerous roads on which a motorcycle breakdown can occur due to the amount of vehicles present and the speeds they attain.
Pulling over on the hard shoulder of a motorway is usually prohibited; except of course if your motorcycle suffers a failure. If this is the case then you obviously have no other choice, and should follow the following five steps:
1.     Park as far to the left as possible in order to ensure maximum distance between your motorcycle and the moving traffic. It is recommended that you point your wheels towards the grass verge in the event of your bike rolling.  Ensure you stand your bike on a hard surface. Otherwise, place  a large enough hard / flat object (ie: a block of concrete or plank)  under your stand to ensure bike does not sink into the ground causing further damages to your motorcycle. You should then active your hazard warning lights so that your vehicle becomes more visible to others.
2.     It isn’t just your motorcycle that needs to be seen. Make sure that you wear reflective jacket if possible (available in most emergency breakdown kits). During darker conditions, usage of lighting (ie: hand phones) may help traffic see you better. While in convoys, do not block traffic flow at any time. Make sure all members are kept safely away from traffic. Keep lighted cigarettes away from crash sites and oil spillage. 
3.     Contact Motoaid, informing them of your conditions. If you need a rescue 911 call to be made, express it to Motoaid clearly. Use your Motoaid member card number as reference as we have probably stored your blood group together with your emergency numbers in our system. Next state your exact location . Give them necessary visible landmarks, your heading,  number on markers by the highway. If you don’t have a mobile phone with you then proceed with caution to the nearest roadside emergency telephone which will patch you through to the highways agency. Request for a call to be made to Motoaid Malaysia for motorcycle towing services.
4.     Wait for Motoaid  to reach you. It is vital that you DO NOT attempt repairs yourself unless you are experienced, have the tools needed and know your machine well! Attempting repairs can be dangerous especially in midst of high traffic flow.
5.     If your vehicle is made operational once again at the side of the road before Motoaid reaches you, kindly inform them as they have been dispatched and are probably on their way . Make sure that you find a safe gap in which to re-join and always keep an eye out for any other vehicles which may also be stationary on the hard shoulder, otherwise wait for Motoaid to tow your vehicle to safety.
What if I can not get onto the hard shoulder?

If you are unable to get to the hard shoulder, please bear in mind that you are in a very dangerous position and proceed with caution. Immediately switch on your hazard warning lights but do not attempt to place any warning instruments such as a warning triangle or cones on the road.
Leave your vehicle soonest if you believe  an opportunity to safely is clear of traffic. On your hazard lights . Either way, you should then phone emergency services and follow this up by contacting Motoaid.
On quieter roads

You might not be in as much danger if you breakdown on quieter side roads; but breaking down anywhere is always potentially dangerous, particularly if you are obstructing other vehicles.
If this is the case, then follow these alternative five steps:
1.     Active your hazard warning lights and put on a reflective jacket (if possible). Put your sidelights on in dark, foggy or wet conditions so that other road users have a better chance of seeing your vehicle. 
2.     Get yourself and pillion safely away from the motorcycle. Remove motorcycle  when the road is clear, safely away from traffic and other road users.
3.     Put up a warning triangle about 50 yards behind your vehicle on the same side of the road so that other motorists have time to prepare.
4.     Phone Motoaid Malaysia and  wait for assistance. 
5.     If your motorcycle is made operational again at the side of the road  before Motoaid arrives, kindly inform Motoaid  as they have probably been dispatched to you. Fully retrieve your warning triangles and ensure a safe gap in the traffic before moving off.
What if I don’t have a MOTOAID card ?

If you don’t have a Motoaid motorcycle assist program in place when you experience a failure or an accident, then you have but some options. Do take note that institutions like AAM and highways are known not to transport motorcycles. Would you really leave your RM100,000  bike on the road while you walk at 3am to help? What about your pillion daughter of 11 years old? Are you about to leave her to guard your bike while you explore for help? Will there be a truck that will pass your way? Will he agree to help you? Can you trust him? Will he have the equipment necessary to carry your bike? What would he charge?
One option is to phone a local garage/ workshop who is a true friend or a lorry driver situated nearby. Ensure that he or she has the necessary transportation and equipped to help you. Ensure that he  or she will attend to you at that particular time. We would also advise you to discuss pricing with him/ her before she arrives. Most times, this can work out very expensive and can also be very troublesome, particularly if you are in an unknown location and unaware of the location of the nearest garage. It is also important to find help that understands the value of the bike he is transporting. Bikes these days can cost well over RM100,000 each.

Breaking down on a motorway or carriageway is not only the most dangerous place to experience a failure, but can also work out as the most expensive mishap you ever had. The fees charged for this unplanned service have become an area of controversy having escalated significantly in recent years with fees of RM500 – RM1000 to be expected for only a short distance of travel.
Another option; be a MOTOAID MALAYSIA member now. You would be charged a membership fee for this service but do take into consideration that there will be someone to answer your call and assist you in times of emergencies , 24 hours a day.  Depending on the packages, towings are often free or charged at a nominal fee but this would guarantee that you would be attended to like any other breakdown cover customer; having your vehicle  towed to a local garage or anywhere intended by the owner of the card.  A rescue or ambulance call can also be made. This is cheaper than the highways agency option and also ensures that you will be covered by the provider for the  following 12 months. However, it would work out even cheaper if you plan ahead and arrange for an annual breakdown cover policy to be put in place before reliability issues arises.
Why risk it? Get your Motoaid Card Now.

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