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Tunda motosikal

When Riding a Motocycle is safer than Driving a Car

If you need a good excuse to buy the Bike of your dreams but have a slight problem with the wife ..... maybe this would be useful.
When she says no ! Go technical.

Not to cause confusion or anger; but I really do think that Motorcycling is safer than Driving a car. This is just my take on the issue. In a car, I feel safe because I have protection, but on a motorcycle I feel safer because I have more options. From an article I came across recently: That the careless can kill themselves more easily on a motorcycle is not denied. However what about competent riders? Competent riders are less likely to have accidents because they:
Yes ! Every man needs a GSA LC to be able to see what's in front of them better.
  1. See more: The ability to see more lets you avoid more. If a car ahead stops suddenly, as a rider, I see it earlier, and have more time to make adjustments, to avoid a crash. If seeing danger first means avoiding it better, a motorcycle is safer. A rider is usually higher than a car driver, and so has a better view. A better view means you see danger earlier, and can avoid it better. Riders have no car body around them to create vision blind sports. Just turning their head gives a clear all round view. A bike can also move left or right in the lane for a better view, if a truck blocks your vision. A car driver in contrast must remain on the steering wheel side. A motorcycle rider’s field of vision is further and wider than that of a car. When I drive a car, I feel I have a much more constricted field of view.
  2. Evade better : A motorcycle is smaller than a car, and so less of a target to be hit. Being smaller, it also has more places to go safely. If the car ahead stops suddenly, the car behind must hit it. Highway pile-ups occur because cars in a lane have nowhere to go in sudden stop. However a bike can swerve to the side, or fit between two cars on a many lane highway. It can pull onto the safety shoulder if necessary. A motor-cycle has evasion options not available to a car. It can accelerate better out of a trouble situation. In nearly every situation, a motorcycle has more evasive choices, because it is smaller and more mobile. In terms of accident evasion, bikes are safer.
  3. Attend more : There is something about traveling at high speed a few feet above hard ground that gets your attention. When the body is right there, the brain tends to be right there with it. By comparison, a driver is separated from the world by the car body, air-conditioning and comfort. Drivers are easily distracted by multitasking.
    Cars are so comfy these days.
    Coffee and food, talking on cell-phones, listening to the radio, other passengers, children , make up, pokemon. You only have so much attention. Attending to one thing degrades your attention to another. Distractions reduce your attention to the road, which leads to accidents. Cars have many distractions, but on a motorcycle, it is just you and the road. Motorcycles are safer because they increase attention and reduce distractions.
  4. Assume less: Car safety features cannot avoid the ‘soh hai’ behind the wheel problem. Safer cars are no use if people are more careless. If drivers with anti-skid brakes just drive faster in the rain, what is the safety benefit? The accident rate depends as much on attitude as on mechanical safety features. Motorcycles create a better attitude, becausee on a motorcycle, you know you are vulnerable. No matter how big the motorcycle, what happens is likely to happen to you, personally. Motorcycle riders assume less, which makes a motorcycle safer than a car.
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