Monday, 23 January 2017

Motorbike towing Kuala Lumpur

Best not to Bite off more than you can chew. It can be dangerous while riding a High Powered Motorcycle.

24hour Motorcycle Towing and Rescue Service (Malaysia)

Moto Aid's view:

Riding in a group or in a convoy is about the coolest thing a biker could do. Being with the gang , roaring engines and having the time of your life... may also be dangerous.
What it means to ride your own ride, in the motorcycl
e context is that you have to make your own decisions; go at your own pace; know your boundaries of what’s safe; know your environment, your bike, your skills; and don’t let peer pressure drive your decisions. When riding a motorcycle, that advice can literally save your life.

It is common knowledge that riding is much more dangerous than driving but it is indeed exciting and fun filled. Nothing ever comes close. So what can we do to avoid unfortunate accidents...

1) Sometimes it really isn't your fault but it sure hurts !
Don't limit your maintenance to engine and brake checks. Tires, lights, signals and your gear has to be attended to. Abs, Traction control and all the other F16 mode, is good only if it works. 
This could be too late.

2) Why does everyone wants to be 46 ??
While on the road; it is not the best time to overestimate your ability. Expertise develops with time and if you want to rush it, try the track or learn progressively while attending ` Teh Tarik' sessions with `sifus'. Its a superbike right, so get super educated. Maybe no 93's input is valuable too because MARC's da man !

3) Cars have more steel !
Best tip: Avoid them Cars ! Cars tend to see bigger never smaller. They seldom look forward to sharing lanes with bikes. It helps too, if they could see you coming not just hear your exhaust screaming. Best not to be on the blind side. Cermin depa cuma untuk tengok Lori. 

Already on Malaysian Roads

4) Rambo too gets shot !
Being brave may beneficial other times but seldom while riding.

5) Midnight.... that looks like a human, no legs, white color, long hair... I pray you are on a H2R ! 

Kawasaki's latest introduction: Beating danger with speed.

The extreme power on a bike is to get you out of trouble... not into one.

Remember, underneath the Iron Man suit is real flesh !
(Moto Aid mendoakan para bikers selamat ke destinasi selalu )

Oh yes! Helmet up .

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